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UK Telephone Numbers
Blue Penguins UK Milestones
  • 18 May 2020
  • Discontinuation of the 087 range.
    Our 0870 & 0871 premium rated telephone number ranges, have been withdrawn from our services. This is due to the very low usage and demand for this type of telephony service. We do apologise for any inconvenience of the very few businesses, that may still use these types of telephone numbers.
  • 20 February 2014
  • Virtual Telephone Connect Service.
    Massively a souped-up new version of Basic Connect! Virtual Telephone Connect gives you low-cost, hassle-free control over your calls. Make outbound calls, divert to voicemail and set up a VoIP phone within seconds.
  • 01 November 2012
  • Business PBX Switchboard.
    A new switchboard that gives you all the power of an enterprise switchboard without the expensive maintenance. Our advanced switchboard is a web based control panel and has a built in VoIP phone. Our Advanced switchboard could be the best vital tool for any small business and may be part of your company's "Business Process" for many years.
  • 10 August 2012
  • Discontinuation of 070 Numbers.
    We became aware of the problem, that our 070 personal telephone number range can be used fraudulently by foreigners. Keep in mind most 070 personal numbers can be diverted to a landline, or a mobile in another country without call diversion charge. Very expensive to call a 070 personal number from a either UK landline or a mobile. Even some callers have paid up to two pounds sterling for a one minute call to a 070 number from their mobile. It was decided in the best interests of current and future customers to drop the 070 number range from our brand of products and services.
  • 24 Febraury 2012
  • Telecom Reseller Programme.
    Blue Penguins UK started to offering a telecom our own version of a reseller plan. Our reseller plan that can be rebrandable, so now you can sell our products and services under your brand name, logo and colour scheme.
  • 26 April 2010
  • From Dialup to Telecoms.
    Blue Penguins UK moved from offering free 0845 dialup internet service to local geographic & national rated UK telephone numbers & services. Being a (NTS) telecom number translation service provider, is to use existing & setting up new telephone numbers, for the sole purpose of diverting them to an existing landline or mobile telephone based number. NTS number diversion services at the time, helped expand some businesses without the need to install new telephone lines.
  • 15 October 2001
  • 0845 Free Dialup Internet.
    Blue Penguins UK was formed & started offering free 0845 dial-up, with no monthly subscription charges. All our customer had to pay for was for the telephone call. Call charges were supposed to be the same rate what BT (British Telecom) considered local telephone call, back in 2001. Now calling a 0845 telephone number can range anywhere from 5 pence per minute to over 50 pence per minute, depending who provides your telephone services.
Blue Penguins UK, offers a range of phone services.
Blue Penguins UK is becoming one of the most diverse telecommunications companies in Great Britain. Blue Penguins UK offers telephone numbers in the number ranges of 0161, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871 numbers.

Blue Penguins UK also provides Virtual UK local geographic telephone numbers for over six hundred locations throughout the United Kingdom. Blue Penguins UK numbers are so flexible you can combine your number with any service, and change your service plan at almost any time.

Blue Penguins UK has a talented development team keeps you at the leading edge of the telecoms market by regularly introducing new features, from simple innovations to corporate quality solutions. Blue Penguins UK is becoming one of the most diverse and creative telecommunications company in Manchester.

Blue Penguins UK has a philosophy to provide creative solutions, and to give customers total control of their number and service through any web browser, changing diverts immediately 24-7 in real-time of where their number is pointed to.

Whether your company is looking for the most cost effective VoIP telephone service for your starting a up a new company, or an established business looking for the very best telephone call rates. Business VoIP telephone systems and virtual business phone services could offer many advantages to a business, because they increase productivity and lower costs.

Over 650 local phone area codes available.

What is a geographic number?
Geographic number use area codes or dialing code to indicate to the caller where the number is based. Think about the area code in your area. It probably starts with 01 or 02 in the UK. Manchester for example is 0161 and then the number of the individual person or company follows. The prefix or dialling code for the are code implies that the person that you are calling is based in that specific physical area of the UK. We offer UK virtual numbers in the 01 and 02 range in over 650 different area codes. If you've got a VoIP system we can forward to that as well.

What is a virtual number and virtual office?
A virtual number is a call forwarding service that uses a phone number in your area and points the calls to another phone line that you already have. For example you might set you virtual number so that when people phone you, their phone calls get forwarded to you landline at home or a mobile number or to your office. You could be anywhere, but people think you are in a particular area when they call you.

Get business in areas you are not based in?
The use of a virtual geographic number that can be diverted to your office in other areas of the UK or from abroad. You can then target clients in the area code that they would usually dial first.

Target clients in neighbouring areas!
if you are located in nearby another area code and want to get business in that area, or if you are based on the border of two areas, you may want to have a virtual geographic number to target each area code that your clients are likely to dial.

Things to consider when choosing your number?
When you are purchasing a telephone number and serivce from us, we recommend that you take your time when selecting your next telephone number. We also suggest that if you are looking for a telephone number that you might consider also registering another number in sequence as your next facsimille (fax) number. Blue Penguins UK also has many easy to remember gold numbers available for sale so that future and current clients have no trouble remembering. You could possibly get a telephone number that translate to business related words e.g. 74686 spells PHOTO on the keypad. Consecutive numbers are also easier to remember such as "22 44 66".
About Blue Penguins UK Telecom

Blue Penguins UK is a VoIP Telecommunications Service Provider based in Manchester, UK. Blue Penguins UK Telephone support is provided by Digital Mail Ltd. Blue Penguins UK Telecoms Ltd, which was founded in 2010. Blue Penguins UK originally was a Number Translation Service telecommunications company, offering telephone service of 0700 Personal Numbers.

Blue Penguins UK offers a brilliantly simple cloud based VoIP telephone system, and unified business communications solution. Whether your company just needs a simple basic business telephone service for your new office, or sophisticated telephone switchboard that supports your business at diffrent remote locations all across the United Kingdom, Blue Penguins UK has a range of business and reliable cloud hosted VoIP solutions to meet your business needs. Our VoIP telephone system would help your company get out of the phone management business and let you focus on what you do best, running your business.

Blue Penguins UK is one of the thousands telecoms companies offering VoIP telephone services in the United Kingdom. Blue Penguins UK offers a very competitive telephone service packages in the telecommunications industry. Blue Penguins UK is a telecoms company that offers very intelligent cloud based telephony solutions to UK businesses. Blue Penguins UK can assured that service provided to our clients is extremely reliable, because we only recommend products and services that will genuinely help your business grow.

Blue Penguins UK first service: 070 Personal Numbers

The 0700 Personal numbering service is based on the principle of a flexible virtual telephone number service. Usually these numbers are designed to divert incoming calls to other telephone destinations chosen by the consumer; either landline, mobile or VoIP. The concept of 0700 Personal telephone numbers is to follow you wherever you go, connecting your telephone number to multiple destinations. Personal numbers have the ability to find you at mulitple locations, your number can be rang simultaneously at many destinations you choosen, or could be rung one number at a time.

070 Personal Numbers started in America first!

Personal Numbers first debuted in the United States in 1992, when started AT&T started EasyReach product line. Which the plan allowed customers who signed up for the Easy Reach service would have been be assigned a permanent number starting with the phone code being 700 . Unlike most telephone telephone codes in the United States, the 700 telephone number code did not identify a geographic location where the callee was located. This new 700 area phone code was to cover the United States coast to coast, very similar to the 1-800 Toll Free (freephone) numbers, Which back in 1967 1-800 numbers were designed to allow callers to reverse charges without the needs of the assistance of telephone operator. The new easy reach programme from AT&T made America the first country to offer numbers without the number to being tied to a certain geographic area. Under the easy reach plan with AT&T, all telephone numbers will remain with the subscribers as long as want or need the service. The reason for starting such telephone service was based on the fact, an average person will change will have over dozen telephone numbers from changing of residency in their a lifetime.

The new 1-700 telephone number range will not require a separate line or an extra phone to use the service, and can move with the individual without them having change numbers. This service was intended to help a vast majority of Americans keep a familiar telephone number in case they decide to move, or possibly away from their business and home.

In 1995 the first UK telecommunications company to offer a similar service to AT&T Easy Reach was FleXtel, and soon many other UK telecom companies started to offer this service. Anyone who currently uses a 0700 personal telephone number can use their existing telephone without the need to purchase additional hardware, since a 070 personal number is a follow me number. In 2012 Blue Penguins UK gradually expanded its service proposition to Non-Geographic, and Geographic as Telephone numbers.

Discontination of the 070 Personal Numbers from Blue Penguins UK Service.

Blue Penguins UK was aware that fraudsters have found their ways to exploit the use of the 070 personal numbers. Along with lottery scammers and other various fraudsters. Many fraudsters have been using 070 personal numbers in a bid to either trick people into disclosing private bank details or handing over fees to secure non existent rewards. Most 070 personal numbers do not carry a monthly telephone number rental, and can be acquired at very little or no cost. Most 070 personal numbers can be activated quickly and cheaply without any expense, and many can be diverted to a landline, or a mobile in another country without call diversion charge.

Internet scammers have been using this provision and scoop these free 070 personal phone numbers, redirecting them overseas and posing as legitiment British companies. 070 personal numbers have been also labelled as "throw-away" numbers as how fraudsters have been using them to con innocent victims into providing information that can used to commit identity theft. The whole purpose of scammers using a 070 telephone number is to appear more like being legitimately based the United Kingdom, when probably the call is actually being diverted somewhere outside the British Isles. Also noted that a 070 telephone number may appear to look very similar to UK mobile number.

All UK Mobile telephone numbers were reorganised and classified in 2000 and mobile telephone numbers moved to the 07 number range to ease the confusion. Before 2000, Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom were not organised, and there was slight discrepancy on which telephone numbers were considered local, national, mobile, or premuim rated.

Even Ofcom seven years had consideration on migrating the 070 personal telephone numbers to the 06 number range, so callers do not get personal numbers confused with mobile numbers. Even mobile phone calls to a 070 personal can be costly to a caller, some callers have paid up to two pounds sterling for a ten second call. Ofcom has made that all providers of 070 numbers must place a small recorded message before connecting the call, informing the caller's cost for dialing a 070 number at no charge. This standard warning provision was place on all 070 personal numbers, only if the call charge was more than twenty pence per minute.

Blue Penguins UK decided in the best interests of current and future customers to drop Personal Numbers from our products and services. Blue Penguins UK made a Decision to add a VoIP in their telephone service packages.

Will VoIP be the replacement for landine telephone service in the UK.

VoIP which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol for those who are not tech savvy. Also VoIP is not new technology and has been used by Magic Jack and Vonage for many years. VoIP is becoming the perfered method that many businesses use for making and receiving calls cheaply over the internet verus the traditional (PTSN) Publicly Telephone Switched Network, also know to may as simply a landline. There are distinct ways that many consumers and businesses are using VoIP technology. The analog telephone adapter (ATA), can help a business by continuing to use their regular business phone. As long as the business uses some fast Internet connection. The ATA adaptor will convert the voice signal into a digital packet of data and send it over the Internet.

For many businesses in the United Kingdom that still operates it's business on the traditional landline phone system, the The analog telephone adapter (ATA) becomes a specialised server that could allow the business to keep its current telephone system intact without the upgrade to more advanced digital IP telephone. An IP telephone also known as a VoIP phone is a telephone designed specifically for use in a voice over IP (VoIP) system, by converting your standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet. A IP telephone also allows the business to take advantage of VoIP technology without involving a personal computer, although the business still needs a reliable broadband connection in order for the IP telephone to work.

Blue Penguins UK is one of the few telecommuncation companies developing ways to make better uses for VoIP telephony system, which sends your telephone calls through a Session Initiation Protocol also known as (SIP). Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now becoming the preferred method the world for sending and recieving telephone calls. There are many VoIP telecom companies using this technology to deliver all of its telephone communications, which has better quality and allot cheaper than making the call over the traditional Publicly Telephone Switched Network (PTSN), also known as a landline.

The term Internet telephony specifically refers to the provisioning of communications services (voice, fax, SMS, voice-messaging) over the public Internet, rather than via the public switched telephone network (PSTN). VoIP telephone technology can stream your telephone calls over internet networks using special media delivery protocols that encode voice, audio, video from the event of audio and video codecs also known as digital streaming audio, the quality is better and very affordable for many small busineses. Various codecs exist and can optimise the media stream based on application requirements and network bandwidth; some implementations rely on narrowband and compressed speech, while others support high fidelity stereo codecs. CODEC is an acronym for Coder-Decoder. Codecs are used to convert an analog voice signal to digitally encoded version. Codecs can vary in the sound quality, although bandwidth is required. There are many VoIP codecs which include versions of G.711, and G.722, which is a high-fidelity codec marketed for HD Voice. A popular open source voice codec known as iLBC, a codec that only uses 8 kbit/s each way called G.729, and many others.

How many VoIP telecom companies are there in the United Kingdom?

There are numerous VoIP service providers of Virtual telephone numbers for consumers in the United Kingdom. One of the most recognised VoIP Telecommunications company in the UK is Vonage. VoIP also allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. VoIP telephone service is now available on many smartphones, personal computers, and other Internet access devices such as Ipad, thanks to this device called the World Wide Web . Calls and SMS text messages may be sent over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Many businesses are leaving the traditional landline service, because of the low costs that VoIP technology can provide for any small business. VoIP offers telephone services for businesses that want to migrate from traditional copper-wire to a bandwidth efficiency telephone system. Also VoIP telephone systems also can help to reduce legacy monthly phone costs of an any sized business. Many VoIP telephone devices are so simple that users can often make simple system configuration changes.