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Company Information and Details
Blue Penguins UK
Unit 7
Wilsons Business Park Centre
Monsall Road
Manchester, M40 8WN
Telephone Sales: 0161 713 2867
Facsimile: 0845 132 1223
Offering the widest range of phone services
Blue Penguins UK Telecom will make a commitment to find an effective inbound and outbound call handling solution for your small or large business. Gone are the days when we just point your Blue Penguins UK number to a landline or mobile and just move on to the next sale. Now we can make your Blue Penguins UK number work harder for you.

Blue Penguins UK can offer your business a professional anwsering telephone service, where a human operator will take your businesses unanswered telephone call in your company name, take contact number details and a brief message, and sent contact details in a email or a SMS text message. Your business can use our call hunt service, at particular times of the day your Blue Penguins UK telephone number can diverted to different destinations. Our telephone services can be something simple as setting up your businesses unanswered calls to answerphone, or simple as single destination diversion. Blue Penguins UK challenges your business to ask your company to ask for a telephone service that we has never been build.

Blue Penguins UK Telecom is becoming a innovative leader in the United Kingdom's Telecommunications market. Blue Penguins UK has a commitment to build and deliver quality telephone services to a ever expanding and changing market place.

Phone network that is reliable, and cloud based
Blue Penguins UK Telecom virtual telephone network is based in city of London. Blue Penguins UK Telecom offers a highly automated, self monitoring and extremely reliable telephone network to it's customer. Blue Penguins UK can spend more time helping you get the most from our telephone services, and deliver new, and more market leading products and services to help your business to succeed.

Interconnects and carriers
Blue Penguins UK has leveraged our own telephone network capabilities and partner networks, our telecommunications company benefits from using six primary interconnects from a mix of Level 1 carriers and telephone providers (including BT Wholesale, BandX, Telecom 1 and Citrus), and implemted telecom technologies from Nokia, Ericsson and Telsys. Blue Penguins UK abilities to choose also from alternative carriers lets us select the best quality call route and providing your business the best routing, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

Driven by telecommunications innovation
Blue Penguins UK and it's upstream telephone network has a proven track record, and provides our business the ability to deliver ground breaking telecom services, including several 'world-firsts' VoIP telephone services.

We have used our telecom partner's GenU software to get the greatest value out of the telecoms industry leading products and services from other top telecommunications network vendors. Gen U has been developed from the outset on focusing on communicastions quality and economic efficiency. GenX offers Blue Penguins UK Telecom with telephone solutions that are high-performance and competitively-priced for your small business.

GenU offers the best economies of VOIP technology, backed by the reliability of instant Publicly Telephone Switched Newtork (PSTN) fallback. When it comes to cost efficiency of Blue Penguins UK telephone services, customers really notice the difference.
Blue Penguins UK Telephone Support Commitment
  • Sales Hours: Monday & Tuesday 08:00 to 11:00 GMT,
    Wednesday & Thursday 08:00 to 18:00 GMT.
  • Support Hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 to 17:00 GMT,
    Billing and Support is provided by Digital Mail Ltd.
Blue Penguins UK support team can either be reached by email or telephone.
After all help is only a phone call or email away and we pledge to treat all our customers as a VIP with priority and quickly. In most cases the support team member answering the call will be able to sort the problem out.

Customer Complaints Code: Blue Penguins UK
Blue Penguins UK aims to provide a world class customer service to all its customers but sometimes things can go wrong. If things do go wrong we need to know about it so that we can put it right and stop it from happening again in the future.

In the event of an issue here is how to raise a complaint:
Initially it would be advisable to call us and speak to one of our highly trained members of staff. All Billing, Support, and Complaints are handled by Digital Mail Limited. Digital Mail will be available for you to resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible. In order to make the process faster please ensure you have the following details ready:
  • Please have your account number ready to give to us.
  • A contact number for you and a secondary number like a mobile.
  • Full detail on the complaint including any supporting evidence like test calls and times of calls
It is our aim to resolve issues quickly and we prefer to make a resolution on the 1st call. If we cannot resolve your issues on the 1st call we will contact you via the telephone numbers that you allocated to us or the email addresses on your account.

If you feel that the initial person dealing with your complaint is not progressing then you can escalate the complaint to a member of the management team who will respond to you within 24 hours to discuss the issue.

We aim to resolve all complaints within 48 working hours, and if we could not resolve your complaint within 8 weeks we will happily provide details of the Ombudsman. If the Ombudsman complaint does not meet their criteria we will then advise you of our final position.
You can depend on Blue Penguins UK
Blue Penguins UK Support Team
SupportBlue Penguins UK aims to deliver high quality services that are focused clearly and based around customer needs. We value our customers and will treat any enquiries or complaints with care and professionalism. Blue Penguins UK has a philosophy in being innovative on affordable telecoms services. Blue Penguins UK is continously working with our research and development partners to bring new and innovative services to our customers. Blue Penguins UK deliver cost effective numbers and services that address business challenges and help companies to work smarter on a day-to-day basis. Our approach is built on transparency, accessibility, honesty and professional pride. Companies depend on Blue Penguins UK for business critical communications, and count on us to deliver a reliable and continuous service. We have devoted a great deal of time and effort of developing a extremely stable and a reliable telephone network.
SupportMany Telephone companies claim "your business is important to us". Blue Penguins UK will never abandon our commitment to you and/or your business. Blue Penguins UK will be commited to provide the highest quality support. Any problems that might arise, including tasks and requests (except some of those that are immediately solved on the phone) will be entered into our support database. A unique support ticket will be created, along with a reference number. This ensures that every request is professionally documented, so that your questions and concerns in regards to your account will be answered swiftly within a reasonable 48 business hour time frame.

Unrivalled flexibility, competitive prices, and responsive support.

Telephone services at a competitive price.
Blue Penguins UK, have one of the competitively priced telephone services in the market and include as standard features other companies make you pay for as seperate enties. You will find that we are more reasonably priced than most of our competition, without us sacrificing service features or quality.

Full transparency and detailed information.
Our web controls give access to the most detailed call information in the market, allowing customers to monitor calls and costs at all times. Incoming calls (even those that were never answered) are itemised against with full billing information and the caller line identification is displayed in real time.

Flexible services that grows with you.
Change your telephone service plans anytime without any reason, from simple call divert to a full virtual switchboard. Also you can add a professional voice over or human answering service for a few extra quid a month. Which could enhance your business image, just to make a great everlasting impression on how professional and serious you are.

Control your numbers through the web.
Need to change where customer calls are diverted? Review recent calls? Just login and it takes only seconds. It's free and easy to make changes 24-7.

Picking a number without the hassle.
Some companies just allocate random numbers to customers. We let you choose from a selection of thousands of selected numbers in any given number range at no additional charge with the exception of a gold number. Gold numbers will incurr a one off picking charge of up to thousand pounds per telephone number. Gold numbers are easy to remember, but you may find a number that's unique to you or your business without it being gold number. Whetver it is a Landline Mobile or VoIP divert, our telephone numbers can support all of these types of diverts. If you need help in picking a number or service, you can give us a ring on 0161 713 2867.

We provide expert customer support.
Ninety five percent of support calls are answered within four rings and are resolved quickly.

Cheaper telephone calls for your small business?
Every company needs an efficient way to make cost effective business telephone calls. Blue Penguins UK offers virtual telephone lines for small office phone solutions, making VoIP business calls from the cloud is an efficient way of managing your business telephones.

Blue Penguins UK can achieve cost savings by purchasing wholesale telephone minutes from the major Tier 1 networks. The technology used to access these virtual telephone networks is ‘state of the art’ which most of the cost savings are passed onto our customers in the form of cheaper business call rates and costs.