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Reasons to be a VoIP Business Partner

5.   Offer great range of numbers and services.
Offer your customers a more complete solution, meaning they wil not go elsewhere for call handling services.

4.   Customer support included.
Customers buying numbers from you can turn to our dedicated support team if they encounter problems with their services.

3.   Get started quickly
Sales and marketing tools are available for download, allowing you to hit the ground running.

2.   Use your own brand or ours.
All our sales tools are re brandable, so you can sell our products and services under your brand name, logo and colour scheme.

1.   Make an ongoing profit
We give you the tools to generate an ongoing stream of additional income, as you get part of the customer spend on every call. The more customers you win, the larger this income is likely to be.
Become a Blue Penguins UK Business Partner.
Blue Penguins UK is currently looking at recruiting new partners to resell our brand of numbers and services, entering into mutually beneficial partnerships with potential prospects to increase our presense in any market. Blue Penguins UK have created a comprehensive number range and telephone services, which you can deliver to your client base with absolute confidence. Your partnership with Blue Penguins UK will be properly supported by a team of telecommunication specialists with the expert knowledge on all telephone numbers and services that could be re sold by you under your brand name.

Become a Blue Penguins UK Business Partner: Resell our numbers and services as yours.
A lucrative opportunity for any individual or business interested in reselling our numbers and services. Because most telecommunication providers are not investing amount of effort required to make a inbound call handling services sucessful, so there is a real gap in the telecommunications market you can take advantage and make a lucrative telecom business just by being a Blue Penguins UK Business Partner. Blue Penguins UK products can your clients handle inbound calls and provide them online itemised call reports and customisable call diverting which can be changed online anytime, our products can help in the aide of any small or large business to become more viable and possibly more profitable. As a Blue Penguins UK Business Partner, you are can make up to forty percent commission from our Vaule Add profit margin so it is a real win situation! Blue Penguins UK Telecom is an innovator with inbound call handling products, along with the generous selection of telephone number ranges to suit your clients needs. Blue Penguins UK is also in the process of launching new products which will enable your customers to make outbound calling over the internet. VOIP internet telephony is catching up to the traditional PTSN way of call handling, which in some instances VOIP outbound calling may be superior over the traditional PTSN in voice quality. We are in the mists of developing new a generation of switchboards, which will be a frational cost of an actual physical and traditional switchboard, which can give a any small business the impression of large corporate enterprise.

Resell our services and make some money.
Compare Blue Penguins UK to our competition.
Do you currently own a small business with a wide range of business contacts. Are you a self employed sales person with a need to increase your income. We are looking for active business and individual entrepreneurs to sell our numbers and services. Blue Penguins UK Business Partners can resell our numbers and services under the Blue Penguins UK brand, or resell them and under their own brand name. The basis for becoming a dealer or reseller is that you are required to make a firm commitment to achieve minimum monthly targets (not high) just reasonable targets.
Comparing the telecommunications market for inbound call services, you will find us the most suitable service provider for partners to resell ideal UK telephone services and numbers. We are committed to excellent quality customer service, flexible telephone services and number ranges for both our direct customers and those of our dealer network. Our number ranges, telephone services along with unique inbound call handling solutions, providing excellent revenue streams for our partners to resell our services.

Resell VoIP UK telephone services under Blue Penguins UK business partnership telecom programme.

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