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Reasons to buy from BluePenguins UK

8.   Fair and competitive pricing.
Only pay for what services you need. High volume users receive significant discounts.

7.   Widest number selection.
With all UK local numbers, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871 number ranges; we have the right number range for any requirement.

6.   Product family adapts to your needs.
The widest range of UK numbers with on demand upgrade to more advanced services.

5.   Flexible changes to service & plan.
Combine any number with any service and any plan to get the most appropriate mix of features at the lowest ownership costs.

4.   Business grade telephone support.
People answer the phones (within four rings) and ninety percent of most problems will be solved immediately by that person.

3.   Professional call handling add ons.
Human call answering with Pro Answers.
Professional voice artist with Pro Voiceover.

2.   Money back guarantee.
We are confident you will be delighted with our service. But should you be unhappy with your new number for any reason, you can cancel within fourteen days and we will give you a full refund (even the call spend up to five pounds).

1.   Flexible payments.
'We accept payment by Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, PayPal, Direct UK Bank Transfers, International Wire, Postal Money Order, Western Union and will be adding more payment services in the future.
Blue Penguins UK Accepts Credit and Debt Cards
Telephone Numbers from Blue Penguins UK.
Choose your own telephone number. When you are called on that particular number, our system forwards the call to an destination you choosed (office, home, call centre etc.), fax line or mobile phone of your choice, almost anywhere in the world. Blue Penguins UK Telephone Numbers allow you to give your clients the impression of professionalism and prestigious company. Get a telephone number from Blue Penguins UK, impress your clients and work from anywhere! Pick an 0800 Freephone for your business to use. A 0800 Freephone number is a UK national number that is free to phone from most UK landlines, and soon to be free from most UK mobile numbers. Most of your clients will not be put off calling you, because dialing a 0800 freephone will not bear any costs to them. 0800 freephone numbers also give the impression that you are very big company that operates on a national level. You can also advertise one number across all your ad campaigns
Incoming calls: Important to any business.
Blue Penguins UK Telecom provides Direct Dialing Inward (DDI) also known as virtual geographic telephone numbers and available for anyone including businesses to purchase anywhere in the world.

Blue Penguins UK is one of several hundred dozen VoIP telephone provider in the United Kingdom for businesses who want to enjoy quality phone service at affordable prices.. Our compeny have secured phone numbers in most countries in the world. The numbers listed on our web site are fully operational and ready to work for you immediately.

With every single telephone number sold, Blue Penguins UK offers a easy to use online control centre, where the customer can change where their telephone number is pointed to 24/7. Blue Penguins UK telephone system specifically meets most needs of small businesses and mobile professionals in the United Kingdom. Blue Penguins UK telephone services can help reduce telecommunication costs in any business by providing innovative, cost effective telephone solutions.

Thinking about advertising in the Yellow Pages, use a telephone number that is the local for the area you have a listing in. Your business will get more calls from individuals that get the impression that your business is local to the area, in reality it is not.

Virtual Phone Numbers for businsess use.
A virtual number is a telephone number that diverts calls to an existing landline, faxline, mobile or VoIP destination. Virtual numbers are useful for people that would like a number in an specific geographic region without having to be physically located. For example you could have a Manchester 0161 Mancunian number diverted to an existing PTSN telephone destination anywhere in Great Britian or to the far corners of the world. Blue Penguins UK allows you to choose the telephone number that you would need for your business, or you can choose a non geographic number such as in the 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, or 0871 number range. A 08 non geographic number gives your business the impression of targeting the United Kingdom at large. Please note that non geographic 08 number ranges are not as easily accessible from outside the United Kingdom.
Offering a range of telephone services.
At Blue Penguins UK, having high customer satisfaction is about providing it at every level of swervice we provide. Blue Penguins UK Telecomunications is at the forefront when it comes to developing new technology and outstanding innovative services, Blue Penguins UK places a high value on providing a friendly staff at the end of the telephone line.

Blue Penguins UK Telecom, understands how important incoming calls are to your business. Blue Penguins UK aims to deliver high quality services that are focused clearly and based around customer needs. Our approach is built on transparency, accessibility, honesty and professional pride..

We value our customers and will treat any enquiries or complaints with professionalism. Blue Penguins UK Telecom, telephone numbers and inbound call solutions can be used any business or organisation of any size to increase their customer base, saving money and being more proficient. Blue Penguins UK always makes an effort to aim for the best and to deliver quality telephone service for every business we serve.

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Telephone Numbers and Services provided by Blue Penguins UK.
The virtual business telephone line that can help your business to grow.
With Blue Penguins UK Virtual Telephone Connect, you can dramatically cut the cost of telephone calls on your business, home, and smart phones by using the internet to bypass traditional phone networks. Blue Penguins UK provides our customers with business telephone services that is affordable, flexible, portable, and very simple to use. Blue Penguins UK has been provider of unified telecommunication services for several years. Businesses should be aware of possible cost savings with Virtual Telephone Connect. Virtual Telephone Connect is telephone service that is hosted in the cloud, which can really open up possibilities for any British Company of any trade. Since Virtual Telephone Connect is not physically tied to down like the traditional Publicly Switch Telephone Network (PTSN) also known as a landline. Your business will grow just like many other businesses in the United Kingdom. Your telephony needs may become more sophisticated, and Blue Penguins UK will able to provide extra options to help your business grow. For any business to succeed, it is crucial to react quickly and change as marketing conditions dictate. One of the big benefits of Virtual Telephone Connect is being able to make and receive calls when you are out of the office.

Virtual Telephone Connect - gives you low cost, and hassle free control over your business calls.

Call handling services for every business from Blue Penguins UK
All services come with a choice of price plans, which is most cost-effective will depend on the volume of calls you receive. Our base price plan is designed for light use, and is suitable for many day to day applications, whereas our professional & enterprise price plan are tailored for moderately busy lines, high volume hotlines, and call centres respectively.

Pick a Number and Service - from a list of ranges from 0800, 0844, and 0845; including over six hundred local geographic numbers throughout the United Kingdom.

0161 Mancunian - Create a 'virtual' location for your business in heart of England's north west region. One of the fastest growing commercial cities in Britain. Ideal for ambitious British companies or overseas businesses wanting a Northern English presense for their business.
0161 Virtual Telephone Connect | 0161 Fax Services

Local UK Geographic Numbers - Create a 'local presense' for your company, with a 'local number' that offers all the flexibility of our online controls and diverts. UK Local numbers help you to win business whenever people tend to call local suppliers first.
Local Virtual Telephone Connect | Local Fax Services

0800 UK Free Phone - Gain a powerful and immediate way to attract new business with your advertising. Customers will be attracted by the free number, giving you a competitive advantage over your competion.
0800 Basic Connect Legend | 0800 Fax Services

0844 Special Rate - Perfect if you're cautious about costs. Choose a 'national company' style number that will help to pay for itself. Callers are charged a reasonable rate and you earn a share of the revenue.
0844 Basic Connect Legend | 0844 Fax Services

0845 Business Rate - Ideal way to attract more customers with cheap calls and pay very little yourself. You will find 0845 numbers are used by companies of all sizes to increase sales, display a more corporate and 'big company' image while encouraging customer loyalty. Give your company a national image combined with caller friendly, local style call rates for customers. These numbers are often used in a soft sales or support situation, where callers are not so cost sensitive and the owner wishes to have fixed costs.
0845 Basic Connect Legend | 0845 Fax Services

Finally, some of our services can be combined with one or more plug and play add ons.
Allowing you to achieve 'true pro' call handling to rival big businesses. Add ons include Pro Answers, our Personal Assistant like human answering service, and Pro Voice Over, which ensures recorded messages are clear and create the right professional impression and image.

Professional Voice Service - Your tone of voice can say everything about your business, whether you want to sound polished and professional, or friendly and relaxed. That's where Professional Voice Service comes in to enhance your Blue Penguins UK Switchboard, helping you to give callers the perfect first impression about your business.
*Professional Voice Service is a plugin for our basic and advance switchboard packages only.

Professional Answers - Provides 'real people' to answer any calls you miss at any time, saving you from losing business. The service answers calls in your company name and relays the message you specified as to why you are not available. Professional Answers can enhance your Virtual Telephone Connect, basic and advance switchboard telephone services.
*Professional Answers is not available with any of our basic connect telephone service plans.
Port your existing Telephone Number to Blue Penguins UK with possible savings?
What is Number Porting?
Telephone number porting allows your company to transfer your business phone number from your current telcom provider (whether Voice Over Internet Protocol or fixed land based provider) to Blue Penguins UK. Your company can port your current business telephone number to the Blue Penguins UK for a one off charge of 25.00 +vat. Your company should take advantage of the telephone number porting option from Blue Penguins UK. Blue Penguins UK can save your company the time and confusion of contacting all of business contacts who have your current telephone number, then to update them on a new business number. Porting your existing business telephone number could take several weeks to complete, but to say the very least! Your business will not get a new telephone number that needs to distribute to every business contact you know. Please port my current phone number and save my business the complete hassle of getting a new telephone number.

Number Porting - to move your current telephone number to Blue Penguins UK.
Available UK Telephone Number Ranges and Services for your Business?
Blue Penguins UK telephone numbers and services give you the flexibility to appeal to different clients and callers in the UK. You are easily able to create virtual presence either nationally or locally. Should you like to encourage callers to call you in a specific area inside the UK then register a local area geographic number is what you need for your business. If you would prefer to be a nationwide based company image, then a telephone number in the 08 range will help your business target the entire UK. It is easy to use and if you move or need to alter the call routing, you can login online to your clubhouse and change the destination within a few seconds 24-7. Our standardised features is call diversion also know as call divert, this basic forwarding service, diverts calls from Blue Penguins UK telephone number to any landline, mobile, and even a voip destinations. Aside from the standard forwarding we have, answerphone, call hunting, virtual switchboards, along with live answering services.
Using VoIP instead of PTSN in a Business Environment
What is VoIP?
VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your internet connection instead of from your local telephone company. There are many UK businesses that are faced with spiraling out of control telephone bills and simply do not know where huge savings can be achieved. One way of reducing your bills is to use your existing broadband connection to make telephone calls.

Using VoIP along with your standard broadband allows you to make telephone calls instead of a regular (analogue) phone line. In addition you can route inbound calls as well. The big benefit here with VoIP, is that you can significantly reduce the number of phone lines you need, saving your business per line, per quarter, or annually. It is not uncommon to hear of telephone line rental contracts! While these contracts seem to save the customer money, the real reason these packages are being sold is to lock the customer in, so that when the same customer realises they can have over four calls on one broadband line, there is nothing they can do about it. Do you really know where your business will be in a year, yet alone in six months?

Reducing your telephone bills and line rental is only one benefit of VoIP, although this is an important one. VoIP can also dramatically improve the way your busineses work. Using Blue Penguins UK Business PBX System you can enhance your business telephone services, Business PBX System can boost staff productivity and enhancing customer service.

VoIP can convert audio or voice into data, sincevoice and data can be sent together. VoIP can give any business the advantage of saving money. Business PBX System is more of an anywhere telephone system. One of the implicit capabilities is that Blue Penguins UK Business PBX System can make your employees physical location no longer an serious issue. Providing your employee has access to the internet, the phone will register with the system, and it will treat it as a standard extension. For instance, home workers simply can use their home broadband to work from home, and it is as if they were in your office sat at a desk.

For those employee's who work while on the road. Blue Penguins UK has the Zoiper mobile appilcation, which will allow any user to make and recieve cheap calls, also there is a follow me functionality. This is where the system will ring numerous designated phones, be they office phones or mobiles. Which ever one you answer, will have the call transferred seamlessly. Just because you are reducing costs does not mean you have to give anything up, in fact your business may gain in many significant ways. You can take control your business telephone calls from your clubhouse
Who will benefit from Business PBX System from Blue Penguins UK?
Does your company:
  • Receive and make a lot of telephone calls?
  • Does your business strive to increase productivity?
  • Putting customer care as a top priority for your business?
  • Does your business lose potentially important calls?
  • Does your business have a desire to achieve cost savings?
If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, it could be the right time for you to be considering using Business PBX System for your business telephone needs. With the price fixed and mobile broadband service coming down, it might be well worth taking a another look at your telephone needs are you saving any money.

Business PBX System - for companies that have more than two employees, plus save money on telephone costs.

VoIP is no longer considered new technology, and it is not difficult to use. The benefits are huge for a business to switch from the tradtional fixed landline telephone service to VoIP . All you need is an broadband internet connection, either fixed or mobile. An IP based telephone, (ATA) Analogue Telephone Adaptor, or you could one of our webphone, or Zoiper mobile app to make and recieve calls for your business. Blue Penguins UK could and will help your business take advantage of the operational and cost benefits of using our cloud based telephone services.

Bluepenguins uses the highest quality connections to give you the best telephone service as possible. You will feel like your customer is next door to you, when they could be far away as Australia. You can also feel safe if using our VoIP telephone service, as all calls are encrypted and secure from eavesdroppers.

Many businesses across the globe are finding that VoIP telephone service is an easier way to communicate with clients, unlike traditional fixed land based telephone service. Virtual Telephone Connect allows your business to make cheap telephone calls using your broadband connection instead of the traditional publicly switched telephone network or also known as PTSN.