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0871 Fixed Rate Range
No Revenue Sharing Plan
from Blue Penguins UK

Service Package: Facsimile Service
Despite the Internet revolution, traditional fax machines still prove useful in many industries. However, Facsimile Service introduces intelligent new features that maximise the 'simple' advantages of fax technology while overcoming many of the technical hassles. To get started, just select a number to become your company fax number. Choosing one that's in sequence with your phone new number is a good idea. Then Facsimile Service will do the rest.

Call Rebates and Revenue Sharing: No

Number Range: Fixed Rate
0871 218 xxxx

Cost to call a 0871 UK Telephone Number
From six pence per minute to ten pence per minute from BT landlines, call rates are more from mobiles. Blue Penguins 0871 numbers are charged at the maximum of ten pence per minute enabling a greater range of inclusive diverts and payout.

Regulatory issues
0871 Fixed Rate range is being regulated by PhonePayPlus (formerly known as ICSTIS) since 2009, and regulation is a much lighter than 09xxx Premium Rate services. Blue Penguins Support Team will help all users with regard to regulatory issues with relevant information and automated registration where required.

Mobile accessibility
All mobile operators have a tendancy to over charge for calls to a 0871 numbers verus what a BT, landline, or a VOIP telecom provider will charge for the same rate. BT is the only landline telecom provider that charges the actual rate, and not a penny over

International Accessibility: Decent
An international operator may charge more for a call made to a 0871 number than would be charged to a local geographic 01, 02, or 03 Number. Although many international operators may support this range, some will not support the 0845 range, and could be very unreliable to recieve calls into the United Kingdom from aboard.

Cost of ownership, revenue, and call charges.
The owner may pay setup and rental but not call fees. In the vast majority of cases, there is a payout and this is the biggest attraction of 0871 numbers. Blue Penguins will divert to many landline destinations in Europe and aboard without any call charges. Most popular destinations will also result in a generous payout of close to six pence per minute for British landline destinations Blue Penguins 0871 Basic Connect, may make your 0871 number cash generating every time you get an inbound call to your number. Especially when you consider the fixed call rate of calling you of ten pence per minute at all times from a BT landline, and only line rental of two quid a month for the Basic Connect Plan. Blue Penguins offers some telephone service plans where a there is no one off set up fees and monthly line rental on a 0871 certain fixed rate plans. There is no call rebates or revenue sharing offered on the free 0871 monthly rental plans

Pick a 0871 Facsimile Service Number from a selection of numbers.

Tariff Rate for a 0871 Fixed Rate Facsimile Number Telephone Service Plan
No Monthly subscription or one off setup fee are charged under this telephone service plan.
There is no revenue sharing or call rebates offered on this telephone plan..

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges, the actual cost of pointing your number.

Picking an 0871 number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom
Use our number chooser to browse the 0871 numbers available to find the perfect match for your business. There is nothing to configure, and if you buy the number it will be ready as soon as it has been paid for. You decide where you want the call to go and it is easy to change where your number is pointed to. Changing where your number is pointed is included with any telephone service plan with Blue Penguins and you change the destination as many times as needed with no additonal charge.