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Can VoIP work for your business?
If you are already paying for high speed broadband connection, then why not use it to make all your business telephone calls at a fraction of the cost what your current land based telephone provider charges?

VoIP also known as Voice over Internet Protocol is the new way to place and receive UK phone calls, and will eventually replace the current fixed land based telephone service, which has been the world standard for over a century. A small analogue telephone adapter (ATA), a device will be needed to convert regular (or analogue) phone calls into data (or digital) which will send them through your high-speed business broadband connection.

To use VoIP as a method to make and recieve business telephone calls, there is no need for you to be technical or computer savvy. With VoIP, you can place a call is exactly the same as with any other land based telephone. You can just pick up the handset and dial telephone number as you would do normally, there is no complications with VoIP. Even receiving calls also works the same, your business telephone will ring just like a regular phone. With VoIP, just pick up the phone and start talking!
What is a Virtualplus landline number!
A virtual plus landline is a telephone number that diverts your incoming calls to any of a number of destinations that been chosen by the user. Virtualplus telephone numbers are also known as a follow-me number, a virtual telephone number, or for many for years in the United Kingdom as a Personal Number.

The first Virtual plus numbers in the UK better known also the personal phone numbers which started in the United Kingdom in 1995 in the 070 telephone number range. Virtualplus geographic telephone numbers now known as the new personal telephone Service, which can give your business access to the UK telephone network to make and receive calls anywhere in the world without being tied down to a fixed based location, like a UK landline!

Virtual geographic telephone numbers can give your company the ability to appeal to different business clients and callers in different local towns or markets throughout the UK at large. Virtualplus geographic numbers can easily create a local presence either nationally or locally in markets that your business does not have a shop or premise.

Blue Penguins UK offers your businerss a mobile telephone app to use on your smartphone or tablet, to make and recieve telephone calls for your business. Your virtual business telephone number and service goes wherever you travel or go. All you need is access to mobile broadband or reliable wifi connection and your ready to make and recieve business telephone calls.

What if there is no internet connection available for the app on your mobile to work, simply your inbound calls from your Virtualplus telephone number can easily be diverted to your mobile number for a small call diversion charge or go straight to voicemail, so your company will never miss that important business call.

Even if you are abroad, you can use your Virtualplus telephone number as if you are in the UK. Telephone calls are billed at the same rate and the caller would never known because they would see your busdiness telephone number on their (CLI) caller line display.

Your company can use a non geographic number in the 08 telephone range, if you prefer your business to be presented as nationwide based company that targets the entire United Kingdom at large, not one single market. Your business needs target callers in a specific local markets within the United Kingdom, then a local geographic number will fit your company perfect.

Gold Numbers: easy to remember numbers.
Blue Penguins UK also offers gold telephone numbers for your business. Gold telephone numbers occur a one off charg ranging from a few quid to thousand pounds. There are many Gold numbers available for busineses who want numbers that are very easy for people to memorise.

UK Telephone Numbers
What are non-geographical numbers?
Non-geographical telephone number ranges that are not tied to specific cities or towns in the United Kingdom, and can be purchased by almost any business who wants to attract their company UK wide without mentioning their geographic location in a printed ad. Since the telephone number does not give any information or indication where the location of where the business, and calls can be diverted to any fixed, mobile or international destination. The most common non geographical phone ranges are telephone numbers starting with 0844, 0845 and 0870, and so-called �premium� numbers starting with 0871 to give an example.
Telephone Services: BluePenguins

Basic Connect Legend - all calls are diverted to single fixed landline or mobile, including a VOIP destination.

Virtutal Telephone Connect - allows your business to make and recieve telephone calls, instead of the regular (PTSN) Publicly Telephone Switched Network, also known as a landline. In addition your business can be routed VoIP, or a web based phone. You can also forward your calls to our Zoiper mobile app, make and recieve cheap calls through your Mobile Broadband or WIFI, instead of using your precious mobile minutes. Which some mobile telecom providers charge a good fortune, when you use more than the minutes allotted to you. Virtual Telephone Connect lets callers leave a message on your virtual answer phone if you don't pick up your phone, or if when and if your telephone line is engaged with an important call.

Business PBX Switchboard - is a fully-featured hosted switchboard that gives you all the power of an enterprise switchboard, with none of the maintenance. From the 1-2-1 setup assistance to its web-based control panel and built-in VoIP phone, it's designed to be as easy as possible to use without compromising on the features you need for business.

Facsimile Services - diverts your faxes to your regular facsimile number or to different machine. Also our system also can receive your faxes and send them on to you by email of your choice.
Blue Penguins UK Accepts Credit and Debt Cards
How to choose the perfect number?
Your business telephone number can say alot about your business to your potential customers. Certain types of businesses csn do much better if they have a local telephone number. A local plumber can get more enquiries if their business telephone number is a local geographic number verus using just a mobile number.

A consulting business who wants to attract customers from across the United Kingdom with a non geographic numbers such an 0845, or 0870 number. Some businesses may want to have a Liverpool or Manchester presense with a local geographic number in these markets to show they are a prestige business that is serious.

Office spaces in major cities like Manchester tend to be more expensive, especially those in London, and therefore city numbers can give the impression of being more well established. Another way to look more established is to have a number ending in two or more zeros.
Get an phone number for any city in the UK?
Many Britians only shop locally, therefore making this a difficult move to crack the local market outside the town that you are not based in. Blue Penguins UK offers a large range of UK telephone numbers services and price plans, comparable to the many of thousands telecommunications companies who offer telephone service in the United Kingdom.

Blue Penguins UK telephone numbers are so flexible that your business can combine any phone number with any service and any plan, and change your mind almost at any time. Our after sales support team is committed, and ensures all telephone numbers purchased will operate smoothly, and also allows your business to make upgrades to your telephone service whenever your company is ready to expand or just wants the new upgrades.

Our 'Virtualplus' local telephone numbers allow you to appear as a local business and receive calls anywhere in the UK or World.
Incoming calls: Important to any business.
Blue Penguins UK understands how important incoming calls are to your business. Blue Penguins UK aims to deliver high quality services that are focused clearly and based around customer needs. Our approach is built on transparency, accessibility, honesty and professional pride. We value our customers and will treat any enquiries or complaints with professionalism.

Blue Penguins UK has telephone numbers and inbound call solutions can be used any business or organisation of any size to increase their customer base, saving money and being more proficient. Blue Penguins UK always makes an effort to aim for the best and to deliver quality telephone service for every business we serve.

Thinking about advertising in the Yellow Pages, use a telephone number that is the local for the area you have a listing in. Your business will get more calls from individuals that get the impression that your business is local to the area, in reality it is not.
High Quality Customer Experience

Blue Penguins UK Customer Service Promise:
Blue Penguins UK takes service quality seriously and we enjoy long term business relationships with our customers. As a result, many of our new contracts come from people's personal referrals to friends and contacts.

Before you buy your Telephone Number
If you need help choosing a number or service, please contact us and we will be delighted to help. We provide friendly, helpful advice, without the hard sell, nor feel the pressure to buy any product or service. We generally advise you to keep it simple today as your business changes, you can always upgrade your services at any time.

Use our 'call cost explorer' (available on the same page) to see the prices of calls to the divert destinations you will be using. It's interactive, and easy to get a feel for call costs. We provide products and services that keep on getting better. Blue Penguins UK has a comprehensive team of professional and experienced team by continuously adding new features to our ever expanding telephone services.

Much more than just a telephone number
Blue Penguins UK knows how your companies inbound telephone calls are important to your business. Blue Penguins UK makes it easy for customers to call you business number by routing your telephone calls through to the right department, which are critical factors for good customer service and helps your business closing sales quickly.

Gold telephone numbers also known as a memorable phone number could maximise the return on investment of your business advertising and marketing campaigns. If the number is easy to remember, then it is most likely to be called on.

Non geographical numbers such as 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871 numbers, which can be simply routed to the landline, or mobile destination of your choice; these numbers can be easily changed through our online portal giving your business full control and flexibility.

Why choose Blue Penguins UK?
Blue Penguins UK offers small and multi site businesses an incredible VoIP telephone solutions. Blue Penguins UK has designed and invested our own VoIP telephone service because we know that telecom providers should not compromise on voice quality and service. We offer telephone solutions with the small UK business in mind and collaborate well with our network and technology partners.

Blue Penguins UK built a telephone company on the understanding that all UK businesses shall be entitled to a cost effective and reliable telephone system, and is supported and backed up by knowledgeable and accessible professionals that move quickly to meet changing demands of a forever changing market.

Your business could get it's own unique telephone number which when called, can be diverted to other telephone destinations you register, Blue Penguins UK telephone services could ring each phone you have registered (including your mobile) until it finds the one you are at. A virtual answerphone facility can be used to take any unanswered telephone calls, or you can set it the call to virtual answerphone which would intercept all telephone calls if you do not want to take any more business phone calls at any given time. Your virtual answerphone records the message and sends it as a sound attachment to your email accout or you can listen to your messages from any phone by dialling your control number.

A Virtualplus business phone number?
A virtual plus business telephone number, also known can be better known as a DDI or direct dialed inbound telephone number, which is a telephone number without a directly associated fixed land based telephone line. Usually virtual telephone numbers can be programmed to divert incoming telephone calls to one of the chosen destinations set up by the client or business; either the destination can be to a fixed, mobile or VoIP diversion.

A Virtualplus telephone number can work like a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) and VoIP. Virtualplus also allows many businesses to use existing landline telephone numbers, without the need to purchase additional hardware.

A Virtualplus can also divert your virtual telephone connect number from Blue Penguins UK to different telephone numbers depending on the hour, day, or week; for example, during working office hours incoming calls can be forwarded to your companies IP telephone. When you are out of the office, during the late evenings, the call can be diverted to your personal mobile telephone number.

Virtualplus Telephone: Virtual UK numbers that can follow you anywhere in the world!
Virtualplus is a telephone service that allows your business to use the internet to keep your business telephone costs down. The advantages of Virtualplus lies in the telephone service's adaptability. You are able to get your work done while on the office, even while you are home, or somewhere in between. Additionally, Virtualplus business Virtual Telephone Connect is fit with extensive features, and utilising the mobile function of the service the key to any small business or trades person always trading out of the office. With the mobile application, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a Virtualplus Telephone. You can even turn any computer into your office computer, and even use it to make business telephone calls. When using our mobile app, your business can even make outgoing calls with your company�s number on your customers caller line display (CLI). You can also have your office calls divered to your mobile, or have your telephone calls go directly to answerphone. Virtualplus, Mobile app can used with VoIP to work with traditional mobile phones to provide a convenient and a better way for mobile workers not to use their precious mobile minutes, which can be expensive for anyone to go over their allocated minute plan. Blue Penguins UK offers competive Outbound Calling Rates for your business to use and save some money instead of using your mobile minutes. Some telephone numbers could be cheaper to call using our mobile phone app than making an actual mobile call, because you will only pay close to landline rates for telephone calls using the mobile internet or WiFi on your smartphone, and the Blue Penguins UK VoIP network to make the call instead of your mobile provider's telephone network and pay mobile provider's telephone rates for the call. See if a Virtual Connect Telephone Number can save your business money.

There are lots of advantages for your business to have a Virtualplus telephone number:
  • With a Virtual number from Blue Penguins UK then you do not need to install a new telephone line.
  • You can keep your new number, since it will be virtual that means you can move it anywhere in the world?
  • New customers will not be put off by having to dial a mobile telephone number
  • Set up your virtual landline business telephone number very quickly and be contactable within minutes.
  • There is no long-term contract. You could cancel your telephone service by not renewing your telephone service and transfer your number to another service provider.

Should I consider a Virtualplus number for my business needs over PTSN phone?
Virtualplus telephone number for your business at a fraction of what you will pay for a traditional land based service, also known as a landline. It is so easy to signup for Blue Penguins UK, just choose a virtual plus phone number in your businesses calling area. With Blue Penguins UK your business can have as many virtual plus telephone numbers as it needs. Virtualplus business telephone numbers are low cost phone service if you compare it to a BT business landline. Blue Penguins UK offers your business the freedom of maintaining a local presence anywhere you choose in the world. Blue Penguins UK allows your business can have a London telephone number, despite being located in Salford.

Making and receiving business calls with a Virtualplus telephone number from Blue Penguins UK?
With Blue Penguins UK voip pricing, your business can replace your business telephone provider, and save allot more on your telephone bill. With Blue Penguins UK Virtualplus telephone service, you could even keep your exisiting business telephone number for a small one off porting charge of �25.00+Vat, or pick a another UK geographic telephone number of your choice. A Virtualplus telephone number only costs about �3.00 per month, paid six months in advance for a total of �18.00 plus VAT.

All incoming telephone calls to your VoIP destination of choice is included in your Virtualplus telephone package. Your business calls can be diverted to a mobile, landline, or international destination for a small diversion call charge.

Many of Blue Penguins UK competitors already make a lot of money by charging your business for unlimited outbound calling, but the average small business does not use anywhere near the volume of minutes, in order to save with an unlimited otubound calling tariff. Blue Penguins UK outbound calling is pay as you go VoIP telephone service, which revolutionises the way many small businesses can save money by enabling them to pay the calls they actually use. So with Blue Penguins UK your business can get a full featured phone service without the expensive monthly bill.

Virtualplus landline number offers a business VoIP telephone alternative solution to a traditional fixed based line service, also known as a business landline telephone. Virtualplus telephone service is a cloud based virtual VoIP business telephone network, we work with many companies throughout the United Kingdom to setup and manage their telecom's requirements using our infrastructure. Blue Penguins UK offers a reseller telephone solution, Virtualplus reseller solution gives your company all the benefits of a VoIP phone system without having the associated cost of creating a telephone network. Blue Penguins UK would take care of the billing, admin, and support.

Virtualplus telephone services from Blue Penguins UK, offers all kinds of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony products and services from Manchester to anywhere in the United Kingdom. The most important thing is that many UK companies ask questions based on their business needs and Blue Penguins UK will try find the right products, services and solutions for their business needs.

Blue Penguins UK Virtualplus telephone VoIP service gives your business the total flexibility over where your workers choose to work. since your business telephone calls are routed online and not through your local Publicly Telephone Switched Network (PTSN) exchange, your workers can work from any location in the world and still may look like the phone call is being made from your office. Your business customers will call the same local telephone numbers and hear the same standard ring tone, despite where in the world your workers may happen to be.

A business telephone that offers you added features of premium service without the additional costs!
  If your business has a reliable high-speed Internet or broadband connection, but still uses a land based service such as BT for business telephone needs. Blue Penguins UK offers a cloud-based business phone system for your company that could help save your business telephone costs. Blue Penguins UK combines a cloud hosted phone system quality and reliable telephone voice service. Blue Penguins UK Virtual Telephone Connect has plenty of room to grow as your business expands without breaking the bank, by upgrading to our Business PBX Telephone System. Unlike other traditional landline phone systems, Blue Penguins UK uses your high-speed Internet connection to deliver a high quality yet very affordable business phone system with advanced features typically found in far more expensive options.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that converts voice communications into digital data that is transmitted over the internet, or a packet-switched network. In layman's terms, VoIP allows you to make telephone calls using a high-speed internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line. The way calls are routed may be different with VoIP, but you still use your existing phone equipment as you would with a regular telephone line. Most VoIP phone system services provide a phone adapter that connects your existing home phone with the internet. You simply connect the adapter to your home internet network and home phone and start dialing. Calls can also be placed using an internet-connected smartphone or tablet through your VoIP provider�s proprietary app or a computer with speakers and a microphone. VoIP service plans should be comprehensive and flexible so you can make as many calls as you want without worry of racking up hefty charges.

Many businesses will look for VoIP phone service that include unlimited UK and international minutes on a business telephone plan at a reasonable monthly tariff. The typical UK Business could use approximately 1,000 minutes in outbound calls per month. Let's assume that your business is not average UK business and uses less than 200 minutes in a given month. Like many British Telecom companies such as web hosting and other service providers who make a profit by (overselling) knowing that most users will never use the average usage. Bluepenguins decided to make outbound calling as a pay as you go (instead of charging your business a bundle of outbound minutes that will most likely never be used), which means you pay for only the minutes you actually use. A simple concept from Blue Penguins UK that will keep your business telephone costs down to a reasonable price.

  Many telecom companies have very fine print on unlimited outbound calling in their plans, which many telecom companies only limited outbound calls to UK landlines only. Outbound calls to mobiles, 08, and other telephone numbers will occur an extra charge which is not included in the unlimited package. In addition to these charges, there is most likely a fair usage policy clause placed into the unlimited outbound minutes of the telephone call package. In a given monthly billing period your business ever exceeds their fair outbound usage minutes as defined their acceptable use policy clause. Your business telephone service may be terminated immediately or bumped up to a higher telephone priced package. The unlimited clause can be also interupted by the company at their sole discretion whatever they consider it appropriate usage, which gives the word unlimited to almost anything but unlimited.

Virtal business telephone numbers with the abilty to make low cost VoIP international phone calls?
Your company can stay close to customers, and business partners without having to local telephone landline for your business. You can simply divert all your businesses calls received anywhere and wherever you need to them to be. Whether your business calls need to be ponited to your office, home, or mobile, anywhere in the world. Your business can make telephone calls using a softphone, voip telephone, pbx, or even a analog telephone adapter (ATA).

With a virtual local geographic telephone number from Blue Penguins UK your callers pay local or national telephone rates when they call you, depending what region of the UK they are calling you from. Your business can save on making international telephone calls with our Outbound Calling Rates. Blue Penguins UK uses per second billing and does not round the phone call up to the next minute.

Just call us and we'll get it set up today in order to recieve and make calls anywhere in the world!
  • Use Virtual Telephone Connect to eliminate call connection charges and make low cost Voip calls.
  • Make outbound calls, with your Blue Penguins UK number as your (CLI) Caller Line Identification.
  • Get alerts when you receive calls so that you can answer in your company name.
  • Use your laptop and mobile phone to make and receive calls anywhere in the world.
  • Set company opening hours.
  • Answerphone to Email service included, when you can not answer your phone.
  • No divert charges for calls received on web based, mobile app, or VoIP telephone
  • Mobile telephone app eliminates roaming charges when making calls outside the UK.
  • Seamlessly upgrade to Business PBX Service when your business grows.
Virtual Telephone Connect - the Virtualplus business telephone line that can help your business to grow.
A Business PBX Telephone System hosted in the cloud?
A telephone system would give your business the impression of corporate style switchboard.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) versus the traditional landline. Many UK Businesses loose thousands of pounds every year because of unanswered calls? With the Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Switchboard could help your business efficiently manage all your calls.

British businesses for many years have been putting up with expensive and complex communication systems that require expensive hardware and costly installation and maintenance. Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Telephone System is more than a simple landline phone system. Bluepenguins delivers a reliable, open, scalable and secure platform for business voice without on premise expensive PBX switchboard hardware.

Bluepenguins has an auto attendant that can deliever pre recorded announcements, diverting, queuing and routing every call to the right destination for your business? Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Telephone System only costs a fraction of a traditional PBX switchboard.

Since the hardware of the Business PBX Switchboard from Blue Penguins UK is hosted in the cloud, the service can be easily configured online anywhere in the world. With a Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Switchboard, there is no costly upgrades with tradtional legacy in house switchboards. Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Switchboard will give your small business the impression of a professional large corporate phone presence at a affordable price.

Blue Penguins UK allows you to make outbound calls from your Business PBX Switchboard.
Having your business number displayed on your customer's Caller Line Indentification (CLI) is very important. If the person you are calling does not see your business telephone number on their CLI (particularly users on a mobile), they may well assume it is a nuisance call and most likely will let the call go to answerphone.

Your companies remote offices and home workers can be connected to our Business PBX switchboard from anywhere in the world making them part of your business telephone system. As with our hosted VoIP system it does not matter where your co-workers are located, our telephone system is hosted in the cloud unlike many fixed land based switchboards. With Business PBX Switchboard, your workers can be in the same office, working from home, in a hotel room, or in another country. Overseas offices or partners can be all connected in the same manner and can even be given a local geographic telephone number as if they are physically located in the United Kingdom.

Virtualplus telephone systems such as Business PBX switchboard have been specifically designed to replace a traditional analogue telephone switchboard which was created over forty years ago. Most of these virtual PBX switchboards can replicate the same quality telephone service as their analogue switchboard ancestors. Business PBX Switchboard was designed from the ground up, hosted in the cloud, and the way most modern business works today. Some modern UK companies may have an competitive business advantage because of they have the ability to out perform their competition.

Outbound Calls is included with your Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Switchboard, and is offered under pay as you go service, meaning you pay for only the minutes you use. Get rid of pricey landline telephone lines, with business telephone hardware that is hosted in the cloud.

Business PBX Switchboard for more information on a Business PBX Telephone System from Blue Penguins UK.

Should my business buy a Virtualplus telephone number or service from Blue Penguins UK

Reasonable Pricing: Blue Penguins UK offers service based on usage,
and can give discounted high volume rates on higher end priced packages.

Telephone Number Ranges: Create the the perfect image for your business would like to portray
  • Local UK City Codes: we offer over six hundred area codes to make your business seem local
  • 0161 Mancunian Create a 'virtual' location for your business in prestigious Manchester City Centre.
  • 0800 Freephone: Gives your company national status with caller friendly appeal.
  • 0844 Special Rate: Indicates a fairly big company who is not desperate for call traffic.
  • 0845 Business Rate: A 'national company' styled number that will help to pay for itself.
  • 0870 National Rate: Generally could be used for a company that wants a national presence.
  • 0871 Fixed Rate: Earn a small share of the revenue generated from the calls for your company.
Product family adapts to your needs: Blue Penguins UK allows your company to add more numbers or upgrades to services at any time to enhance your call handling capabilities for your business.

Flexibility with numbers and services: Choose the telephone numbers and the services that will suit your business needs.

Quality Support: All telephone calls and email support are dealt with as fast as possible so there is no need to worry. One hundred percent of support calls are answered by real people, not machines. Ninety percent of problems are resolved by the same support person.

Additional call handling options available: Add a live human answering service to take messages (Professional Answers), or use a professional voice over artist for your voice prompts.

Money back guarantee: Cancel within 14 days and we'll give you a full refund, (only up to �5 on call spend).

Multiple payment options: Blue Penguins UK accepts Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, PayPal, Direct UK Bank Transfer, International Wire, Postal Order, Western Union, and with more planned in future.

New services and upgrades: New services such as Virtual Telephone Connect have been added recently to our product menu. Virtual Telephone Connect outbound call service helps eliminate call connection charges and make low cost calls. Virtual Telephone Connect allows you to use your laptop, or mobile phone to make and receive UK calls anywhere in the world, as if you were in physically in the UK.
The benefits of a having a Virtualplus local number work for your small business.
Benefits of allowing Blue Penguins UK to manage your virtual plus number, or an existing landline.
The definition of a Virtualplus telephone number is a local telephone number that is not directly tied to an actual telephone line. A virtual plus number is a telephone number that normally diverts incoming calls to any pre determined destinations in the world. The destination can range from a landline to a mobile, and to a VoIP trunk is the newest and increasing becoming the choice of call forwarding.

A Virtualplus telephone numbers also known as ghost phone number can allow any type of business to serve other parts of the United Kingdom, where there the company has no physical presence. Many print and online UK telephone directories, no longer requires a business to display an actual physical address for a listing in their particular directory. This new provision created by the telephone directories, will actually give any business a very excellent lucrative opportunity to attract more business in areas they presently serve, without the added costs of actually setting shop in that particular part of the United Kingdom.

Remember Blue Penguins UK has close to six hundred local telephone number ranges available for your small or large business to choose from. Blue Penguins UK can set up your virtual local telephone number to point to your existing landline or mobile for a small per minute destination call charge. Blue Penguins UK allows you to change where your telephone is pointed to at no additional charge, you also have the option to point it to a VOIP trunk destination using our Basic Connect Legend service package without a call charge. Blue Penguins UK also allows you to change where destination of your local telephone number is pointed, online 24/7 at no additional charge. Whether your company makes alot of outbound telephone business calls, your business can save by making all outbound telephone calls with Blue Penguins UK, and there can be a considerable amount of savings on your next telephone bill. Blue Penguins UK enables your company to make business telephone calls at greatly reduced cost through your internet broadband connection. See our choice of number ranges and services

Can I trust Blue Penguins UK for my business telephone needs?
Blue Penguins UK has been established in 2010, a company with a few years of experience in the UK telecommunications industry. Blue Penguins UK has worked the philosophy that no two companies are the same. Every business has diffrent needs, Blue Penguins UK works with every client and every customer is treated uniquely to meet their business needs. Blue Penguins UK has a dedicated sales and support team to ensure your business telephone needs are met.

Blue Penguins UK has several hundreds of telephone numbers available for use for your business. Whetever your Blue Penguins UK telephone number will be used for advertising, marketing campaigns, customer care or support. We do not just sell you just any telephone number, your new special business number can sit on top of your existing landline or mobile number. You can change where your Blue Penguins UK telephone number diverts to through your online clubhouse portal.

Blue Penguins UK makes managing your telephone number easy, convenient, and allowing you to change in an instant to suit your business needs. Whether you have existing equipment or nothing, Blue Penguins UK can help your business take advantage of the operational and cost benefits of using internet based telephone services.

Blue Penguins UK uses the highest quality connections to give you the best service. Your business will feel like your customer is right next door. All you need are IP phones, or ATA adaptor, and do not forget the broadband connection to the internet connection.

Take advantage of a virtual number from Blue Penguins UK!
VoIP can turn an ordinary geographic telephone number into virtual plus number, which means you use that telephone number in any location around the globe. Another great example is that your business is located in Manchester but you want to advertise in Liverpool, and want to seem local for your business. Now your business can simply purchase a UK Geographic number from Liverpool. When a customer dials your purchased Liverpool number it rings through to you in Manchester with the customer none the wiser. What is more impressive is the ability to have caller Id on any incoming calls from that number, e.g. Liverpool advert, giving you complete control over the advert placed and how successful it could be!

Something about landlines
A landline is the typical name given to a hard wired telephone system. The term landline was first named after people needed to drop the confusin between a fixed telephone line and a mobile. Now since the advention of VoIP technology and all the good features that come with the service. I guess the next question would be, will VoIP ever replace landline. Just remember telephones eventually replaced the telegraph system, with the last messages being sent in 1959. America's largest landline provider AT&T announced that it would end fixed line telephone service by 2020, meaning many longtime customers could lose their traditional home telephone service.

It was also predicted that two thirds of all American companies would be using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in some form for their business, with many businesses switching to VoIP in the near future. It is assumed that more and more companies here in the United Kingdom will implement business VoIP in their own business, and follow right behind the Americans.

Voiceover Internet Protocol, a technology that sends voice services through the internet is the future of telecommunications. Any business that already has a broadband connection can very easily add a VoIP-based phone system, by doing so you get more for less. Since your business is already paying for a high speed internet connection, making the switch to Virtual Telephone Connect, or a Business PBX Switchboard from Blue Penguins UK can never been easier or been more cost-effective.

The is the main feature that VoIP offer and makes it more appealing to the average user. With Virtual Telephone Connect, you can use one phone number for all locations. This means that calls placed to your Blue Penguins UK number can go to your landline, your office or your mobile phone. This service is can be great for the business professional who is always on the move.

Create a local presence for your business in other local towns and markets.
Does your business need a Liverpool telephone number but not based there? Want to have an local presence in locations you are not located in? With VoIP and Virtual Telephone Connect, that is no longer a problem.

When the time comes to set up a new office or shop for your business. Many businesses and organisations often only consider contacting BT, or whoever their current telephone provider is, just to order a new telephone service Can this be the right decision for your business, VoIP can deliver a low cost solution for your business.

Should I choose for my companies telephone needs: VoIP or a fixed land based service?
Choosing a telephone service may not be as straightforward as it may seem for any business just to consider using VoIP over their traditional landline service. Many companies know the given the huge business costs of making landline calls which can not be compared to the cheap VoIP telephone services.

Some VoIP telephone providers will not offer the same features you would expect from a traditional fixed land based service (landline). Many VoIP telephone providers will not allow your business to call the emergency services along with some international destinations due to the costs associated. Your VoIP telephone service will not work properly, if your your business were to suffer a power cut or a loss of broadband service, you business may not be able to use VoIP telephone service as intended with your office phones.

Most business may have business broadband, which they still need to pay for a telephone line rental. Many business cannot dismiss land line service outright at this time, instead prefer to use business VoIP telephone service to complement their existing business telephone service.

Virtualplus business telephone services designed from VoIP for your companies needs?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not new telephone service, and there has been a few companies that have used VoIP for over ten years now. Now VoIP is starting to become of viable business method to make and recieve business telephone calls, since the most business broadband packages have became affordalbe for many businesses. As of 2012 there are alot of telecom companies now selling, and offering VoIP telephone services for any customer who wants to save money on their business telephone calls.

Blue Penguins UK has made Voice over Internet Protocol the focal point since 2012 on providing more than just virtual telephone services (VoIP) for your business, which means that we know a lot about what you need. We can also offer the sort of multiple hunt service that can be beneficial to your company. Since Blue Penguins UK telephone services are hosted in the cloud, which allows your company telephone calls to be reached virtually anywhere world. Blue Penguins UK has a knowledgeable support team that answers your enquiries from experience, rather sending your to a call centre which the staff follows a script to answer your questions.

Blue Penguins UK VoIP telephone service can be hugely beneficial to any United Kingdom business. If you have a company has business contacts outside the United Kingdom, VoIP will give your business the ability to call them at a reasonable price rates, whenever your business needs, all the telephone costs should be reasonable with VoIP. Blue Penguins UK will help sort out your companies telephone problems, because Blue Penguins UK specialises in providing quality VoIP business telephone solutions designed to save your company money, which does not matter what size your business is.

Any company with multiple offices or employees who work from home can benefit from Blue Penguins UK Virtualplus telephone systems. What about your current business telephone bill, does your company make a lot of international calls? Are your business telephone bills high, Blue Penguins UK could offer your business large savings, even though your company will have to pay a set monthly number rental.

Virtual Landline Service for your business?
Blue Penguins UK can offer your business a simple low-cost solution for sole traders who work at home or working virtually anywhere world. With a virtual telephone number for your business, there is no need to publish your mobile telephone or your home landline based number. Virtualplus will allow your small business to have a proper business telephone number. You can control how the new virtual telephone number works and we can divert incoming calls to wherever you like, such as your mobile destination (or to IP desk telephone at the same time) or to a virtual telephone answering receptionist as known as professional answers. Professional Answers can help your business grow, by answering your unanswered business telephone calls. So your company will not lose another sale! from a professional answering service, which is an alternative solution to the automated voice recorded answerphone.